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For the client booking can work in two ways!

Are you suddenly struck by the thought that you want to see an escort today? Maybe it’s just the way you feel, the desire to spend quality time with someone sexy who is just as interested in having some fun as you are! Or, you are away on business next week or travelling to a different part of the country sometime soon and want to set up a meeting, maybe a more leisurely and all embracing encounter where a little advance planning will bring you the sort of sensual action that you have been looking forward to.

  • For immediate bookings, or bookings within the next 24 hours please call directly to book on 0771 475 1335 / 0771 475 1336
  • For bookings more than 24 hours in the future please use the online booking form below if you prefer and we will get back to you to confirm, or you can still call us on 0771 475 1335 / 0771 475 1336

Our reception and booking team are available from 6pm until dawn ready to make your booking, advise on availability or special services, always ready to help and make sure your escort booking is just as you want it.