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14 Jun , 2017 Hot Topics   0 Comments

Nipple Fetish?

Worried that you may have a nipple fetish? What is a nipple fetish and why worry even if you have is what we say.

the exciting thing is that you never know what you are going to find when you slip your hand inside her bra for the first time. There just seems to be no rules. Big breasted girls can have the most flat soft nipples and many small breasted skinny girls have nipples that you could tweak all night. Magnificent opportunities to be explored we think.

The general rule is that very large breasted girls have larger areola – thats the coloured bit around the pointy bit – and small breasted girls have smaller areola and pointy nipples. We love both and everything in between. Then of course the holy grail is the puffy nippled Cheshire escort – the perk big breasts that stick out like a little mountain right to the very end of the nipple. now you’re talking.

Girls react differently to nipple play also. Some girls go wild at having their nips flicked and teased, others you can chew on all night like a lump of old tobacco and make no progress in the arousal are. Time and talent wasted there and probably time to move on to her neck, lips or juicier bits. But the pleasure for both to be had from a long erect nipple being tongued and sucked are a gift from heaven indeed.

Then of course the colour chart comes into play. Ranging from a pale pink thats hardly any different to the tit colour right big nipplesthrough to a leathery inky dark brown, usually with a fierce nipple erection crowning these dark beauties. Ask any girl what colour are her nipples she will shy away, not wanting to admit to pasty nipples or bum hole brown jelly tots. Its alright girls, we love them all you have nothing to hide. And its crazy really as they are pretty much what guys have just enlarged at maturity, but how wild we go when we get the tiniest nip slip -thats guys and thats how it works and long may that continue we say. So no – certainly not a nipple fetish, just a healthy interest and pastime for any red blooded guy with a bra removal fascination.



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