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16 Jun , 2017 Hot Topics   0 Comments

Escort Agency Cheshire – a view from the other side.

Hows it feel from the escort agency Cheshire staff – how does it all work at the other end? It may well be a buzz for a punter when he calls to arrange the services of a cheshire escort but ever wondered what happens at our end?

It can be crazy – weekends and weekdays. A flurry of calls throughout the day then the early evening frenzy for booking escorts usually starts. It can be fun when all the phone lines are flashing at once but thats part of the fun.

“Hi, i want to book Sabrina can she come now?” Not an unusual request – certainly sir, we just need your address, a time and what services you may be interested in. This is when the phone goes dead or the keen punter responds and gives us the info. escort agency cheshireSome guys expect to speak directly with the girl but this doesn’t happen often – they are busy you know.

we get some interesting requests, some of which cant even be posted here as you can imagine. But most are sensible guys just looking for the services of an escort in Cheshire for an hour or two. Usually a little lonely, away on business and had a few beers they are simply looking for a little company and act out a few fantasies perhaps. Call an escort agency Cheshire switchboard and expect a little wait if you call late at night – its our busy time after 10pm.

But we do our best and can usually have an escort to your Cheshire hotel room within the hour. There is plenty of choice available so when you browse an escort agency website always have a couple of choices of call girl in mind to avoid disappointment. If you want a blonde escort there are plenty available, as there are brunettes and teens, you name it.

Its not as frantic as it may seem – but follow a few rules when calling and the whole process will be much easier.


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